Terms and Conditions

The air carrier or the pilot in command, in the presence of circumstances beyond their control (aircraft defect, weather conditions or performance limitations of the aircraft, etc.), may delay, interrupt or cancel the charter, delay, interrupt or cancel a flight, may return to the starting point or divert the aircraft to an intermediate point. In all such cases, the air carrier incurs no liability and cannot be prosecuted for prejudices sustained by the charterer or others. Furthermore, in all such cases, the charterer will nonetheless pay the air carrier the costs incurred. Wildfire operations take precedence over a booking. If the Ministry of Natural Resources require a helicopter for fire operations, the helicopter booking may be cancelled. Due to the nature of forest fires, the commitment to protect life and property takes priority.

The combined liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage of the air carrier is limited to C$5,000,000 dollars (five million dollars) for each occurrence, and the air carrier cannot be prosecuted for sums superior to this amount. Furthermore, the air carrier incurs no liability and cannot be prosecuted for prejudices sustained by any passenger (including in the case of a pregnant woman, by the unborn child) whose age, whose physical or mental state (including the pregnancy) constitutes a risk or a danger such that they would not have suffered such prejudice if it had not been for their age, their physical or mental state. The air carrier’s obligation to compensate for losses of goods or damages caused directly or indirectly by the air carrier is limited to 2,500 dollars (twenty-five hundred dollars) per passenger (deductible 250 dollars) for baggage and 100,000 dollars (one hundred thousand dollars) per occurrence (deductible 2,000 dollars) for cargo.

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